A Comprehensive, Multi-Dimensional Approach to Assessing, Coaching, and Developing Leaders

Michael Lindemann, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist who brings you a distinctive combination of experience and skills.   Mike has worked extensively both as an external consultant and as a senior learning and development executive in Fortune 500 companies.  He has lived and worked in South Africa, England, Canada, and the United States.  Work has taken him on multiple occasions to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, Melbourne, and Shanghai.  With a broad educational base in the humanities and specialized training in both clinical and organizational psychology, Mike has a versatile skill set that enables him to focus on your areas of concern in a highly relevant way, based on practical experience.

Mike draws on his experience with diverse businesses, industries, and cultures, to identify underlying themes, simplify complexity, and bring clarity and focus.

His coaching style is refreshingly direct, down-to-earth, and business focused - characterized by empathy, curiosity, analytical thinking, and intuition based on experience.  He stimulates clients to gain better insight into their individual strengths and development needs, so that they can better apply these to the challenges that they are facing.

  • Mike provides a "safe space" within which clients can tap into internal reserves of strength, explore possibilities, and become energized.
  • With individual leaders, Mike focuses on strengthening skills and abilities during periods of transition and challenge.
  • With teams, Mike helps to clarify vision, values, and purpose; then, after a comprehensive assessment of the team's range of communications styles and preferences, Mike helps them to draw upon their diversity and collective assets to become more unified and impactful in their work.

Mike is a licensed psychologist and a certified practitioner of numerous assessment methods, including the Hogan Assessments, other leadership profiles and 360 degree surveys and interviews.  His clients have ranged from relatively small, entrepreneurial start-ups, through mid-sized companies, to global Fortune 500 corporations.  Whether as consultant or employee, he has worked in Pharmaceuticals and Health Care, Business Process Outsourcing, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Financial Services, Electronics, and Consumer Products.



Michael D. Lindemann Ph.D.