Leadership Development

IT Global Leadership Transformation

Led this large-scale leadership development with over 100 high potential IT leaders as participants.  The centerpiece of this initiative was a customized, role-play based assessment center with retired senior client executives as assessors.  Further development programs were offered in collaboration with external organizations.  Areas addressed were public speaking skills, becoming trusted advisors, and increasing general business knowledge and acumen.  The latter was a customized program designed and delivered in collaboration with leading Harvard Business School Faculty.

Executive Coaching and Team Development

The New Leader and her New Team

A senior executive at a Fortune 500 company was promoted from a divisional staff role to that of worldwide president of a billion dollar division of the company, serving complex, multinational clients.

The individual coaching focused on emotional intelligence, leading within a highly matrixed environment, change leadership, and managing talent globally.   We also created and implemented a 100-day plan for the relaunch of her team and the safe deployment of those leaving the team to other, equivalent roles within the company.

This leader became the first female Corporate Officer in the company's 80-year history.  Over the longer term, she and her leadership team grew this new unit to an efficient and effective operating division generating over $1 billion in annual revenues.

Executive Coaching and Career Development

Development with a Global Trajectory

A senior functional leader from an operating division of a Fortune 500 company was promoted to Country General Manager of a country in the southern hemisphere as a three year developmental rotation.  Coaching and team building were provided in person once a year, and virtual coaching and other meetings were utilized in between.  We developed an action plan that included:  creation of a new, clear go-to-market strategy and plan;  and transformation of client services.  Team building facilitated the refreshment of his leadership team to become more focused and energetic in pursuit of their goals.  The leader was successful in expanding market share within the region, and, upon conclusion of the assignment, made a successful transition to a new, enterprise-wide corporate role.