• A searching career history interview, focusing on moments of pivotal importance in your career, how you navigated through them, and the factors that influenced your choices.
  • Individual leadership profiles, drawing on state-of-the art scientific measurement practices using a global database of managers and leaders as reference.  These profiles examine the strengths you bring to your role,  your development needs, potential "hot buttons" that evoke strong feelings, and the motivations and rewards that influence your degree of satisfaction with various working environments.
  • Interviews with your stakeholders, colleagues, and direct reports, as applicable.


Coaching is a process that empowers managers, leaders, and teams to move forward more rapidly and effectively.  I coach in the following areas:

  • Career planning:  How to get to where you want to be.
  • Making a successful transition to a new role.
  • Leading a challenging assignment such as a start-up or turn-around.
  • Executive presence, interpersonal impact, communications skills, and the ability motivate and inspire.
  • Influence:  gaining buy-in and support.
  • Decision making, grounded in strategic priorities.


Team building often focuses on challenges such as the following, in order to enhance team effectiveness:

  • Developing or increasing  mutual trust;
  • Engaging diverse skills and mind-sets to focus on shared goals and outcomes;
  • Improving the processes of communication, mutual understanding, conflict resolution and consensus building.

Often we start with individual leadership profiles and then use composite team profiles, with the consent of team members, to share the information across the entire team.   Once we have identified the broad themes that characterize the team members and the ways in which they are working together, we re-visit the organization's strategy and the team's goals to clarify both "what" the team is doing and "how" they can do it more effectively.

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